Asset-Based Lending

Secure a line of credit by leveraging your receivables and other assets

At Orion Business Capital, we believe that your company’s assets are as good as cash, that’s why your existing receivables, inventory, and other assets can be used to secure a line of credit. While banks base their lending decisions on cash flow projections, debt-to-income ratios, credit history, and a myriad of other variables that may disqualify your business, we specialize in getting you the line of credit you need when banks won’t. As a result, your business can bypass the red tape that accompanies bank financing while still locking in competitive rates and terms.

How Asset-Based Lending Works

To begin, our experts quickly evaluate your assets in order to determine the amount of financing your business qualifies for, often up to 85% of your collateral value. Items that may be leveraged include everything from receivables and other contractually recurring income streams, to inventory, equipment, or even property personally owned by the principals of the business. Upon approval, your business will be able to access its credit line for any of its commercial needs such as paying operating expenses, materials requisition, inventory purchasing, organizational restructuring, paying down other debt, and much more.

Getting Started with Asset-Based Lending

If asset-based lending sounds like it may be the solution you’ve been looking for, contact us today for a quick discussion about your business and its capital needs. We’ll help you determine if this is the ideal form of financing for your business needs and if so, our experts will get you the line of credit you’ve always wanted. There’s no need to continue your financing search, let us help end your search today.

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